Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!!

It was a mad dash to the end, but I got everything listed that I wanted to list. My printer dude rocks and we got all the shirts done last night!

Isabelle is rocking her new shirt today!

Happy Earth Day (and to PA residents Go OUT AND VOTE!!!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stocking Delay

The screen prints did not make it to my printer dude on Saturday like they were suppose to, so I have delay it by one day. The actual celebration will be on Earth Day now.

Save The World!

Is your baby saving the world? Mine is! ;)

What a loooooooong day!

Yesterday was such a waste of time. You know we want to one of those you could win a car, but you got to tour this crappy resort deal... I told DH that it was a waste of time and we could stupid cheap gifts and we won't win the car! And guess what I was right. I just feel venting about it. Well, today is better and I told him he owes me and we are going Trader Joe's Today! I hope to everything up tonight for tomorrow's stocking!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally getting blog thing down!

Well, I decided I should do a blog to help keep people up to date on what designs are coming into the store and ect.

I am busy getting the Earth Day Celebration ready. I got some awesome WAHMs teaming up with me for the celebration. I listed the mamas on there. Be there at April 21st at 1pm!

I am also stocking at Misfit Moms at noon that same day. I have a few spring colors left in Kickin' It Old School.

I will also have some My Favorite Diaper is in the Wash done, too. Some shirts were dyed and I think once those are finished being screen printed I will tie-dye a few. I will have those shirts in my store soon!