Thursday, August 9, 2012

FCOL Preorder

This is the last preorder/opportunity to get these shirts.  After this the store will be closing.
There will be no discounts on preorders since shirts are being made to order.

Preorder could take up to 6 weeks (especially if shirts are out of stock when I place the shirt order) to complete from the preorder closes, so keep that in mind when ordering sizes.

There will be no returns/exchanges/refunds.  All sales will be final.

Designs available:  some designs are limited.
Kickin' It Old School - diaper pin only *unlimited
Bed hog * unlimited
Wub Wool * unlimited 
Stick Around for the show I Nurse in Public *unlimited
I Wear Cloth To Save The World *11 available
My Favorite Diaper is in the Wash * unlimited
One Of A Kind *only 7 available
If I Were Anymore Natural I Would Be Naked (this is in green on top and brown on the bottom * only 18 available  Gone

Designs & examples of colors can been seen here

Prices and sizes available:  - All shirts will be Monag & all designs will be done in white expect for the If I Were Anymore Natural design.

Infant (lap-tees)
short sleeves $13.00
long sleeves -$14.00

short sleeves $14.00
long sleeves $15.00

Short sleeves 15.00
Long sleeves 16.00

The only colors available for the preorder are:
black, brown, royal blue, kelly green, purple, pink, navy, turquoise, and yellow

Shipping works like this:
US Buyers
First class
$2.95 and every additional shirt is 50 cents.
Insurance is extra.

Canadian buyers
First class
$3.50 and every additional shirt is 50 cents
Insurance is extra

International buyers please ask for a shipping quote and insurance will be required.

Example of an order

Your name 
email address
KIOS 12/18m royal blue - short sleeves $13.00
NIP 18/24m purple - long sleeves $14.00
US shipping 2.95 + 0.50 = $3.45
total: 30.45

Email your order to  Do not send me your order unless it is final.  Once you get confirmation email (that the designs you picked are available) and check your order on the spreadsheet please send paypal to

Orders need to be in by August 13th at noon EST. No later. I will not accept orders or changes to orders after this.

Payment will be due August 15th at noon EST.  No later.  Unpaid order will be dropped from the preorder.