Friday, August 22, 2008

Semi-Customs List *CLOSED*

Update 9/2/08: The list is now closed, so if you emailed me and asked for a hoodie, but didn't confirm size and color please do so before Wednesday. I'll be invoicing for payments and I hope to have all payments by Friday so I can order my blanks and start working.

I can tell you I won't have hoodies this time around, so you are in search of a hoodie then please email at fcolhyenacart @ gmail. com and I can add you to my list. So far I am doing shirts with white image. I can start separate list for black image if anybody is interested.
Hoodie colors are: white, powder pink, black, army (greenish brown), navy, and brown. They are zip-up in the front with kangaroo style pocket in the front. The price will be $22.95. Once I reach 24 shirts I am going to call for a non-refundable deposit (I am ordering blank hoodies specifically for you, so please make sure you are absolutely sure of the color and size!!!) The deposit will be $10 and I will invoice you for the rest once I am finished (shouldn't be more than 3 weeks) Which will be $12.95 + 3.85 for shipping). Let me know if you want insurance (sorry unavailable for International customers)
I have had some requests for Adult sized hoodies and I would be happy to do that for you! The image will be the same size. The price is $32.95 There are more colors available: red, green and asphalt (and the same as the small hoodies expect pink). The deposit would be $20 and that will would be for both hoodies then. Shipping for 2 hoodies will probably have to go priority, but I will have to figure out how much they weigh first to give a shipping quote.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have become very stressed out about this how business thing. It is taking a lot of time away from my family. This used to be a lot of fun.

I will be doing one last major huge stocking (kickin' it old school, my fav. dipe is in the wash, NIP and bed hog) and then I am going to re-do my entire system of how I take orders. I won't have hyena cart store in the next several months. So everything that doesn't sell on my store will be moved to my blog or at diaperswappers. Then I will doing a different system of taking shirt orders.

Basically, I need to order shirts in groups of 24 of the same shirt (or 48 or 72, but I think 24 works out easier) (that is how my supplier sends me the silk screen prints for me to print with). I will consider doing wholesale for 48 shirts for stores. So if you want a shirt, I'll add you to my list and when I reach 24 shirts (of all the same color) I will notify you and ask for a small deposit and when I completed all the shirts I will invoice you the remaining amount with shipping. It would take less than a month. You can pick AA or Rabbit Skins and any style or color shirt (It would depend on the color of ink I would be using either black or white)

I hate do it this way, but stocking a store takes a lot of time out of my day. I run another business besides this and I am so tired at the end of the day and then I still have to do shirt stuff on top of everything else. The ordering and printing for shirts that may just sit in my store. It is stressful! I hope you all can understand.

But this is my last stocking (sometime in September) and I think in October I will pull everything off and sell stuff here and/or at DiaperSwappers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hoodie News!

They are ready to go... watch today or tomorrow for them to pop up to go on sale! Afternoon is more likely than morning. (I am EST)

I hope you love them!


In stock very soon! And a very special collaboration as well.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A couple notes about today

I re-stocked 3 shirts and I only have one oversell!

So if you miss the size you were looking for go back and look!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

All Done!

I got all the shirts listed. Everything is set to go on sale at noon this Tuesday...get there fast. Kickin' It Old School always moves fast!

Stocking Tuesday

Update: I am starting to list shirts, but it will be a little bit at a time. Slowly but surely. It is hard to do work when the weather is just beautiful out!

There will be all sizes 3/6m to 2T long sleeves and short sleeves.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stocking News

Next Stocking will be next Tuesday! It will be l/s shirts with a few short sleeve shirts.

Hoodies are a bit delayed, but will be ready a week after these go out.

Bed hog will debut by the end of the month!