Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Semi-Customs List CLOSED

Email me fcolhyenacart@gmail.com if you would like to be added to the list

Please Read Carefully and Email Me Any Questions

You can choose to have the image done in white or black. No other colors available at this time.
Hoodie colors are: white, powder pink, black, army (only available for 3/6 to 18/24m) (greenish brown), navy, and brown. They are zip-up in the front with kangaroo style pocket in the front. The price will be $22.95.
Sizes available:
3/6m, 6/12m, 12/18m, 18/24m, 2T and 4T
I think these run on small side. Personally I would size up if you are in between sizes.

Once I reach 24 hoodie/shirts I am going to call for a non-refundable deposit (I am ordering blank hoodies specifically for you, so please make sure you are absolutely sure of the color and size!!!) The deposit will be $10 for each hoodie and I will invoice you for the rest once I am finished (shouldn't be more than 3 weeks) Which will be $12.95 + 3.85 for shipping). Let me know if you want insurance (sorry unavailable for International customers)

You may choose to add a shirt as well to the order. American Apparel long sleeve shirts are $13.95 & short sleeve $12.95 Rabbit skin long sleeve shirts are $11.95 and short sleeve are $10.95. Colors of shirts can vary. Ask for color selection of shirts. Deposit for shirts are $5. For each addition item shipping is an additional 50 cents.

Here are pictures of hoodies:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stocking Monday!

I have all but 2 shirts listed. I couldn't add them because my camera's batteries died, so they are recharging and I will get the last 2 shirts listed. It is my last 2 Kickin' It Old School.

After this stocking I will work on another big stocking.

Hoodie List will start again Oct. 1st! I will list instructions again on Sept. 30th

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Semi-Custom Hoodies are done!

Check your email! I sent everyone an email. If you didn't get one check your junk/spam folder!

I will be opening up the semi-custom list again once all the hoodies are shipped. I will post instructions again.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I survived!

All orders purchased this week have been shipped! I did while babies slept. It didn't help that my power was out from Sunday to Wednesday.

Next Huge Stocking will be in October, but be on look at for a mini-stocking near the end of this month. Some Kickin' It, Some this isn't the first time, some NIP and some My Fav dipe. Also a few totes will go up!

Bed Hog will be part of the big stocking in October along with maybe a new design... I am going to post a poll at Diaper Swappers for opinions of an idea I have.

I will be hopefully finishing the hoodies this weekend from my semi-custom list and I will re-open the list.

Krissy of color.me.crazy will be dying some shirts next time for Kickin' It Old School.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Going Greener....

I am relatively green person (and so is my family). So I want to do more green things with my business.
First no more paper invoices. There will probably be a post it with your name and order number. So please if you have concerns about your shirt purchase please include your order number. Easy for me to look it up!
Second, I will be recycling mailers. I have tons that I don't throw away and they are just sitting in my storage doing nothing. So I will be using them for my business. I hope nobody is turned off by this, but if you are getting a shirt for a present you can request a new mailer.

I am taking these steps so it fits with my lifestyle. I hope you in turn re-use my packaging. Re-use the mailers and bags please! It will make the Earth smile!

Thanks so much! Please contact me if you have any questions!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am ready for Monday!

Well almost... hehe I just need to get a few supplies for packing and shipping and then I will be all set.

I double checked to make sure I didn't list too many or too few. I think I got everything. If I missed something I will probably list it Sunday night. If not then everything there today will be there Monday!

Super Duper Special gift to 2 lucky customers of Monday's stocking! So Tuesday morning I will put everyone in hat (aka random.org) and pick 2 lucky customers. Read the info at my store for more details. Plus some FFS lotteries, too! Fun stuff! yay!

It took me a really long time (all Friday night and most of Saturday afternoon/evening) to list these all. Man, I started to get a little stressed. I have a lot on here! I put a stalking policy at my store so please read it, so Monday can go smoothly for me. I have listed a lot of shirts and my wonderful husband is going to help me with shipping. If there is a lot purchases then it will take me a little bit to get to you if you happen to e-mail. Please be patient with me. During the day I run an in-home daycare and I may or may not be at the computer depending if everyone is finished eating and sleeping. My daughter usually has plans of her own in regards to naps. She is teething something fierce! I can't' wait for these molars to come in.

Also please note there is difference between Rabbit Skin shirts and American Apparel (which I call vintage style).

Thanks again!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bed Hog was a success! Stocking next week

Only a few left, so I think that was successful stocking! Only 3 left (I do believe). I will re-stock them probably in October. I know I said I wasn't going to stock my store anymore...but I took a break from stocking and feel re-energized! I got some much need family time and feeling better now. So I will be stocking my store, but I will continue to do semi-custom hoodie list.

Next Monday (most likely) I will be stocking a lot (and I mean a lot!) of Kickin' It Old School and Stick Around for The Show I Nurse in Public, too. I will have some mama and papa shirts, too.

I will have some OOAK Kickin' It Old School Hoodies in collaboration with Krissy of Color.Me.Crazy

Thank you for all your kind words and continued support!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bed Hog Monday at noon

My first non-cloth diapering shirt. I hope you love it.