Friday, August 22, 2008

Semi-Customs List *CLOSED*

Update 9/2/08: The list is now closed, so if you emailed me and asked for a hoodie, but didn't confirm size and color please do so before Wednesday. I'll be invoicing for payments and I hope to have all payments by Friday so I can order my blanks and start working.

I can tell you I won't have hoodies this time around, so you are in search of a hoodie then please email at fcolhyenacart @ gmail. com and I can add you to my list. So far I am doing shirts with white image. I can start separate list for black image if anybody is interested.
Hoodie colors are: white, powder pink, black, army (greenish brown), navy, and brown. They are zip-up in the front with kangaroo style pocket in the front. The price will be $22.95. Once I reach 24 shirts I am going to call for a non-refundable deposit (I am ordering blank hoodies specifically for you, so please make sure you are absolutely sure of the color and size!!!) The deposit will be $10 and I will invoice you for the rest once I am finished (shouldn't be more than 3 weeks) Which will be $12.95 + 3.85 for shipping). Let me know if you want insurance (sorry unavailable for International customers)
I have had some requests for Adult sized hoodies and I would be happy to do that for you! The image will be the same size. The price is $32.95 There are more colors available: red, green and asphalt (and the same as the small hoodies expect pink). The deposit would be $20 and that will would be for both hoodies then. Shipping for 2 hoodies will probably have to go priority, but I will have to figure out how much they weigh first to give a shipping quote.

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