Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Semi-Customs List CLOSED

Email me fcolhyenacart@gmail.com if you would like to be added to the list

Please Read Carefully and Email Me Any Questions

You can choose to have the image done in white or black. No other colors available at this time.
Hoodie colors are: white, powder pink, black, army (only available for 3/6 to 18/24m) (greenish brown), navy, and brown. They are zip-up in the front with kangaroo style pocket in the front. The price will be $22.95.
Sizes available:
3/6m, 6/12m, 12/18m, 18/24m, 2T and 4T
I think these run on small side. Personally I would size up if you are in between sizes.

Once I reach 24 hoodie/shirts I am going to call for a non-refundable deposit (I am ordering blank hoodies specifically for you, so please make sure you are absolutely sure of the color and size!!!) The deposit will be $10 for each hoodie and I will invoice you for the rest once I am finished (shouldn't be more than 3 weeks) Which will be $12.95 + 3.85 for shipping). Let me know if you want insurance (sorry unavailable for International customers)

You may choose to add a shirt as well to the order. American Apparel long sleeve shirts are $13.95 & short sleeve $12.95 Rabbit skin long sleeve shirts are $11.95 and short sleeve are $10.95. Colors of shirts can vary. Ask for color selection of shirts. Deposit for shirts are $5. For each addition item shipping is an additional 50 cents.

Here are pictures of hoodies:

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