Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am ready for Monday!

Well almost... hehe I just need to get a few supplies for packing and shipping and then I will be all set.

I double checked to make sure I didn't list too many or too few. I think I got everything. If I missed something I will probably list it Sunday night. If not then everything there today will be there Monday!

Super Duper Special gift to 2 lucky customers of Monday's stocking! So Tuesday morning I will put everyone in hat (aka and pick 2 lucky customers. Read the info at my store for more details. Plus some FFS lotteries, too! Fun stuff! yay!

It took me a really long time (all Friday night and most of Saturday afternoon/evening) to list these all. Man, I started to get a little stressed. I have a lot on here! I put a stalking policy at my store so please read it, so Monday can go smoothly for me. I have listed a lot of shirts and my wonderful husband is going to help me with shipping. If there is a lot purchases then it will take me a little bit to get to you if you happen to e-mail. Please be patient with me. During the day I run an in-home daycare and I may or may not be at the computer depending if everyone is finished eating and sleeping. My daughter usually has plans of her own in regards to naps. She is teething something fierce! I can't' wait for these molars to come in.

Also please note there is difference between Rabbit Skin shirts and American Apparel (which I call vintage style).

Thanks again!

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